Volkswagen Vehicle Maintenance Schedule in Phoenix, AZ

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Whether you’re taking a new Jetta or Beetle down Phoenix highways, your car manufacturer has created a Volkswagen maintenance schedule meant just for your vehicle. This guideline is extremely helpful to Scottsdale drivers, assuring them that their vehicle’s needs are met. The experts at the Volkswagen North Scottsdale service center dissect common Volkswagen maintenance schedule highlights and issues below.

Volkswagen Maintenance Plan: The First 10,000 Miles in Phoenix, AZ

Like your first 10 years of life, the first 10,000 miles driving your vehicle in Cave Creek are an important marker for you and for Volkswagen. Schedules vary from vehicle to vehicle (check your owner’s manual for details), but the Volkswagen maintenance schedule generally includes the following inspections:

  • Replacement of oil, oil filter
  • Inspection of airbag, wiper blades, and headlight cleaning system
  • Rotation of tires to preserve their treads.
  • Check on AdBlue fluid

To get these services performed, and learn your Volkswagen Passat or Volkswagen Jetta maintenance cost, start by remotely scheduling service at 10k miles. The experts will know what to do, and so will you!

Volkswagen Maintenance Plan: Further Intermediary Markers in Phoenix

Once you reach the next 10,000 miles on your odometer, our technicians will add a few things to the list, in accordance with your Volkswagen maintenance plan:

  • They will inspect everything on the 10k checklist
  • Inspection of your brake system, battery, and all of your tires
  • Replacement of multiple filters – your fuel filter as well as your dust and pollen filter
  • Checking the expiration date on your tire filler bottle

These steps are on your schedule for 20,000, 40,000, and 100,000 miles. For 30,000, 50,000, 70,000, 90,000, and 110,000 miles, you’ll get the following:

  • Brake disc inspection
  • Fluid replacement: brake fluid and clutch unit

The Major Markers: 40,000 Miles and More

Some of the most thorough maintenance is called for at the 40,000, 80,000, and 120,000 mile markers of your Volkswagen’s life.

  • Long list of inspections: your tires, brakes, engine, coolant, exhaust, CV joints, underbody sealant, and more receive a thorough inspection
  • Replacements/Changes: Your transmission fluid, fuel filter, dust/pollen filter, DSG transmission fluid/filter, and tire filler bottle will probably all need to be replaced. Some of these things may not hike up your Volkswagen Jetta maintenance cost if you have a good insurance and care plan.

Taking care of the inside of your vehicle can help you stay motivated to care for its other parts, too. Find out how to clean your car seats the right way, today.

Learn All About Maintenance with Volkswagen North Scottsdale!

The experts at Volkswagen North Scottsdale want drivers all around Phoenix to know what their car needs for maintenance. These tips about the Volkswagen maintenance schedule are among our many articles on car repair tips. Keep learning by reading how to jump start a car, how to fix the EPC light on a Volkswagen, or checking out our other service tips! Please contact us with any of your car maintenance questions today.

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