Car Battery Replacement Service Cost in Phoenix, AZ

Close up shot of a replacement car battery

Your car battery replacement cost will range from $75 to $200, depending primarily on the quality of the battery you choose! Here at the Volkswagen North Scottsdale parts department, we carry a wide selection of genuine OEM batteries that are guaranteed to help your vehicle perform its best. We can also take care of your car battery replacement service at our specialized repair and maintenance center.

When to Replace Your Car Battery in Phoenix, AZ

Knowing when to replace your car battery can be the difference between a normal commute and an early-morning nightmare. If you’ve had to jump start your car more than once in recent memory, it’s a good idea to start looking for a replacement before you experience any major issues.

Here, we’ve highlighted a few of the other factors that indicate a battery issue:

  • Sluggish start-up
  • Battery acid leak, or low fluid levels
  • Extensive corrosion of swelling of the battery case
  • Poor functioning of electronics when your vehicle is in accessory mode
  • Your “Check Battery” dashboard warning light comes on

Remember, if you do run into trouble, Volkswagen Roadside Assistance can help you get back on the roads near Scottsdale and Cave Creek.

Even if you generally know how often to replace a car battery, leaving your lights on by mistake might leave you stranded. Extreme heat or rapid temperature changes could also drain the remaining power from a weak battery.

Why Should You Choose a Genuine VW Battery?

  • Some aftermarket parts may be more affordable, but when you shop for genuine VW batteries at our parts department, you can be absolutely certain that your choice will satisfy the demands of your European-engineered Volkswagen.
  • Genuine VW replacement car batteries sold at Volkswagen North Scottsdale are covered against defects in components or workmanship for up to 36 months, regardless of mileage.
  • Your car battery replacement cost will be prorated for up to 60 months from installation. If your battery expires before the end of that term, your car battery replacement cost will be more affordable.
  • Since improperly disconnected car batteries can cause damage to your vehicle, working with our team ensures that your model continues to perform as its makers intended. Our service team can take care of everything.

How to Lengthen Your Car Battery’s Life in Phoenix, AZ

The lifespan of your car battery will vary, depending not only on the quality of your selected component but also on how you take care of it over time. Here, we’ve collected a few tips for Paradise Valley-area drivers who want to make the most of their purchase:

  • Make sure that your battery is properly secured, so the risk of leaking fluid or damaged components is lower. Make a point to clean up any corrosion you see.
  • Limit the number of short trips that you make, so the alternator always has time to restore the charge required to start your vehicle.
  • Check your battery voltage (using a voltage meter) on a monthly basis. Park in the shade to avoid evaporation and heat damage.
  • If you don’t drive very often, start your car regularly to restore the battery’s charge.

Let Us Take Care of All Your Volkswagen Service Needs

One of the best ways to get more value for your money is to take advantage of our Volkswagen parts specials. We even offer service specials to help you save on installation! Remember, when you order genuine OEM parts, or Volkswagen Tiguan accessories, on our website, we can have them delivered to your home or let you pick them up in-store! We can also help you learn how to fix the EPC light on a Volkswagen, and more!

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