Penske Racing Museum


The Penske Racing Museum is not only a favorite spot of racecar enthusiasts; it’s also one of the coolest places in the Valley of the Sun. It also happens to be the only racing museum in the area. If you’re a local in the Scottsdale area, be sure to visit us to learn more about Penske Racing as well as see some amazing cars.

Penske: A Winning Team

Team Penske, an American pro racing team, is approaching 500 victories, including 17 Indy 500 wins; that’s far more than anyone else in the more than 100-year history of the race. Other accomplishments include two Daytona 500 wins, 32 national championship wins, and what is perhaps the coolest museum in the Scottsdale area. Team Penske has over 50 years of racing experience, s0 there’s a lot of racing history to immerse yourself in. The museum is based in Scottsdale because of the Penske Dealership Group’s Scottsdale 101 Auto Collection and has been open to the public for over 16 years.

There are currently 18 cars on display, which is roughly a third of the entire Penske Racing Collection. Some notable cars are Indy 500-winning vehicles, including the car Danny Sullivan drove to win the 1985 Indy 500 (known as the Spin and Win). Sullivan lost control of the car, spun twice, and somehow didn’t hit anything, and still won the race. You can also see cars driven by Mr. Penske himself, who was a driver from 1958-65 before retiring for business interests. The Pontiac Catalina, which was Penske’s winning car in a Riverside, CA Nascar race, can be found on display in the museum.

Visit The Penske Racing Museum Today!

Whether you simply want to see some amazing cars or need somewhere exciting to host your next event, you can rely on our racing museum. Our cars are on display on the first floor, and you can find a cafe (open for breakfast and lunch M-F), gift shop, and trophy room, and customer lounge on the second floor. If you’d like to rent out this space for your next event, the museum can host up to 300 guest or 150 guests for a private dinner. We hope to see you at the Penske Racing Museum soon!