How Do You Change a Tire?

Changing Your Tire

Whether you’re putting on a spare to get you down Phoenix side roads or you’re installing seasonal tires, knowing how to change your tires is a helpful skill to have! Some might be intimidated by this process, but there are a few basic rules that anyone can keep in mind. The service center at Volkswagen North Scottsdale covers how to change your tire, how often to change car tires, and more below.

How Do You Change a Tire? Tools Needed

There are many reasons that you may have to change tires; getting a flat or having worn down treads are just two of the most common. When preparing to change tires, grab the following tools around Scottsdale so you have what you need in any event:

  • A Carjack
  • Lug Wrench
  • Wheel Wedges
  • Spare Tire and/or new tire
  • Your Owner’s Manual

How Do You Change a Tire? Step-by-Step Instructions

Now that you have your tools, you can carefully change the tire yourself. You might not be able to make racetrack-like speed, but it shouldn’t take up too much time!

  • Stay Safe: If you find yourself changing a spare on the side of Cave Creek roads, make sure you are in a safe space with your hazard lights on – you don’t want to run into trouble with speeding vehicles.
  • Get your car stable. Put the wheel wedges under each wheel in addition to applying the parking brake on your vehicle.
  • Loosen: Start by removing the wheel caps and loosening the lug nuts with your lug wrench.
  • Raise and Remove: Carefully raise your vehicle with your jack. Once it’s raised you can remove the lug nuts.
  • Switch: Now you can remove and replace your tire.
  • Tighten and Lower: Put the lug nuts back on with your wrench then you can lower your vehicle!

Follow these steps and you’re looking at a new, perfectly-installed, tire. You should be able to answer any driver who asks, “How do you change a car tire?” with confidence.

How Often to Change Car Tires

Once you get new tires from the tire store, you will get an official estimate on how long they will last. Here are a few guidelines to follow for those wondering how often to change car tires:

  • Spares: don’t last long so don’t drive them over 50 miles and stay at low speeds on your way to your appointment at the parts department. Always check your tires for indicators for mph and mileage guidelines!
  • Tire Rotation: Regularly scheduled tire rotation does the trick when it comes to making your tires last longer, as it helps to mitigate the uneven distribution of weight and wear.
  • Road Conditions: Heavy rain, snow, and more can affect the life of your tire, so make such to inspect closely if it’s been a particularly rough winter in Paradise Valley.

Learn More about Tires with Volkswagen North Scottsdale!

With the right advice and preparation, anyone can change a tire! That’s one reason why Volkswagen North Scottsdale is keen to help Phoenix drivers with their car maintenance and give tips on DIY repairs. Ready to keep learning? Find out how to change your key fob battery and replace a brake light, or explore our other service tips and tricks today. Please get in touch with any questions — we would love to talk with you!

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