How to Change a Brake Light in Phoenix, AZ

Close up shot of the brake lights on a VW Golf GTI

You might not think about your brake lights too much, but they’re at work throughout every drive to alert other road users of your intentions and help keep you safe. Unfortunately, brake lights do burn out from time to time, but the good news is that learning how to change a brake light is easy enough. Take care of it right away to avoid anything from tickets between Scottsdale and Cave Creek to accidents around Paradise Valley.

Follow These How to Replace A Brake Light Steps in Phoenix, AZ

While changing a brake light is something we can tackle here at the Volkswagen North Scottsdale service center, you can easily do it for yourself without any expert knowledge or experience. Simply follow these steps:

  • Get the Right Bulbs: You can’t just use any old bulbs. Take out your owner’s manual to find the right bulb size and voltage for your specific make and model. If you can’t find your owner’s manual, you should be able to get the same information online.
  • Remove the Tail Light Housing: Got the replacement bulb? Great, now take a Phillips-head screwdriver and remove the colored lens that conceals the brake light bulbs.
  • Remove the Bad Bulb: Locate the bulb that has burned out, then gently remove it from your vehicle and set it aside.
  • Fit the Replacement Bulb: Apply a bit of dielectric grease to the end of your replacement brake light bulb to prevent future rust and corrosion and make it easy to remove when it too must be replaced. You can then put the new bulb in place, reattach the tailgate housing, and continue driving safely.

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