A Complete Guide to the Volkswagen Jetta Warning Lights

Gray Volkswagen Tiguan

We’ve all been there. You’re driving through Scottsdale or Cave Creek, and one of your Volkswagen Jetta warning lights comes on. We know how tempting it can be to ignore the problem, but the truth is that it always pays to respond quickly.  If you want to be prepared for the next time one of your VW Jetta warning lights comes on, you’ve come to the right place! Volkswagen North Scottsdale has put together a quick-and-easy guide to the Volkswagen dash light meanings, so you can identify the problem and get the help you need today.

VW Jetta Warning Lights: When to Schedule Service

In most cases, following your Volkswagen maintenance schedule will help you catch serious problems before they cause your VW Jetta warning lights to come on. However, a driver who knows what each light means will be better prepared, and more confident on the roads near Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills.Here are all of the Volkswagen Jetta warning lights that you should know:

  • VW Jetta Warning Lights: Brake Problems
    • “ABS” – Anti-Lock Braking System
    • Circle with Light bulb in Parentheses – Brake Light Failure
    • Circle in Broken Parentheses – Brake Pad Wear
  • VW Jetta Warning Lights: Engine or Powertrain Issues
    • Gear with Exclamation Mark – Automatic Transmission Malfunction
    • Thermometer over a Wave, in Red – Coolant Level Low
    • Blinking “Pre-Glow”Light – Issue with your Diesel engine systems
  • VW Jetta Warning Lights: AdBlue® System Malfunctions
    • Half-empty Tilted Canister – AdBlue® Level Low Half-empty Tilted Canister with Wrench – AdBlue® System Malfunction
    • Half-empty Tilted Canister in Red – AdBlue® No Restart
      • If you see this light, be advised that your engine will not restart without assistance. Go to a service center immediately.
  • Additional Problem Areas
    • Battery Light in Red – Electrical or charging system failure
    • Seated Passenger with Airbag – Issue with your airbag systems

If you don’t yet have a complete understanding of your Volkswagen dash light meanings, check your VW Jetta owner’s manual or contact our service center for advice.

The Volkswagen North Scottsdale Team Can Solve Any Problem

Not every problem is going to require immediate service, but when one of your Volkswagen Jetta warning lights comes on, you should still schedule an appointment right away.  Our Phoenix service center is fully-staffed by trained and certified VW technicians, and we possess all of the specialized diagnostic equipment you’ll need to get back on the road in no time. Still doing research? Learn a little bit about Volkswagen warranty plans or find out how long an oil change takes at Volkswagen North Scottsdale.

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