Phoenix, AZ Road Trips

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There’s a lot to do in Phoenix, AZ, but what if you want to see more of the west? Plenty of adventures await you, starting in your own backyard. So, pack up your Tiguan or Atlas SUV’s interior and get ready for some fun! Here are some Phoenix, AZ road trip ideas for your next adventure.

Phoenix, AZ to Grand Canyon

Heading from Phoenix, AZ to the Grand Canyon is a simple road trip that’ll be fun for the whole family. This trip will only take about 4 hours, so you can make it a quick weekend getaway or extend your trip for longer. Fill up the vehicle with plenty of snacks and good tunes, hit I-17, and enjoy the ride until you see one of the world’s greatest wonders in person.

Phoenix, AZ to Las Vegas

There’s a lot to do in Las Vegas, from seeing a great show to walking along the strip. If you’re looking to go from Phoenix, AZ to Las Vegas, you’ll have about a 5-hour trip. Like the Grand Canyon, this is a good option for a weekend or an extended trip. And with so many places to stay, Las Vegas can be a quick and inexpensive trip (if you don’t gamble). Plus, you can easily make this trip without stopping for gas in the right car!

Phoenix, AZ to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known as the city of angels and a place where you’ll definitely find some excitement. This Phoenix, AZ road trip will take about six hours, but that’s nothing when you think of all the fun you’ll have when you get there. In fact, it will take you less time to get to LA than it would to work a full day’s shift. And what would you rather be doing: working or enjoying the streets (and beaches) of LA?

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