How to Keep a Baby Cool in a Car Seat?

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When the summer is here and you’re driving around in your new Volkswagen, it can get pretty hot, and with that extra heat, knowing how to keep baby cool in her car seat becomes a big deal. Whether you’re getting back in the car after picking up groceries in Scottsdale and the car seat feels like it’s a hundred degrees, or the sun’s shining right on your baby and he’s starting to sweat, the team at Volkswagen North Scottsdale has listed some solutions for you below.


Solutions for How to Keep a Baby Cool in Their Car Seat

There are a few different problems that Cave Creek-area drivers can have when they’re trying to keep their baby cool in the summer. Depending on your situation, try out one or more of the solutions we’ve listed for you below:

Your Baby’s Car Seat is Hot

  • Baby Car Seat Covers for Summer: There are baby car seat covers for Summer that some people put over the car seat when they leave their car. You can find ones that are reflective, or make one yourself. This can help prevent the seat from heating up.
  • Choose a Seat with a Light Color: Light colors heat up less in the sun.
  • A Freezable Child Seat Cooling Mat: Similar to the baby car seat covers for Summer, freezable mats can keep the seat cool for when you come back to the car.

The Sun is Bothering Your Baby

  • Tint Your Windows: Be sure to check your local laws concerning tinted windows, but if you can tint your windows, this is a great way to cool your cabin and reduce the amount of UV that hits your baby.
  • Get a Sunshade: There are sunshades that you can attach to your window to protect your baby from the heat of the sun. They can be made of mesh, or be reflective, depending on how much sun you need to block.

Your Baby is Sweating

  • Dress Them Appropriately: Sweating is the way the body naturally cools itself, and it works best if you’re wearing less clothes. Be sure you remove any hat or extra clothing that your baby might be wearing.
  • Cooling Towels: There are such things as cooling towels that you can cover your baby with, but only use them over the harness
  • Baby Car Seat Fans: There are baby car seat fans that come with small spray bottles. The fan, plus the spray, keeps your baby cool in the same way sweating does. Other baby car seat fan options include the Noggle, which redirects the air from your AC.
  • Use Your AC: If you can turn on your AC, put it on full blast. Having a car with vents in the rear seat can also be a big help.

NEVER leave your baby unattended in the car when you’re going on errands around Paradise Valley. Temperatures inside a car can jump up ten to twenty degrees in minutes when the car is parked in the sun in a parking lot. Keep your baby safe.

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